Industrial Power System Grounding Design Handbook

by J.R. Dunki-Jacobs • F.J. Shields • Conrad St. Pierre

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 industrial electrical grounding design handbook john dunki-jacobs

This NEW BOOK has no equal in the market place:

• This book is a dual purpose comprehensive reference- and study- guide for the design of industrial and commercial power systems, as dictated by proven neutral- grounding and ground-fault-protection practices.
• Unlike any limited-scope reference on the market, this book goes well beyond "grounding and ground-fault protection", to reveal the engineering rationale for their integration into a conceptual design of a safe and effective power system.
• It fills a long-standing void in the bibliography on the book's subject, which in the last decades has scarcely received attention, in spite of the tacit statistic that more than 95% of faults involve ground.
• Authored and published by mentoring GE- Schenectady, NY engineers, for engineers engaged in power-system design, operation, and maintenance.
• Traditional circuit analyses and physical exposés--supported by sample calculations--are used to present engineering explanations, minimizing the need to know symmetrical components analysis.
• The book comprises 584 pages, 360 illustrations and 19 photographs.
• Of interest to Plant Electrical Engineers, Electrical Power Consultants, Process Contractors, Electric Utility T&D engineers, Electrical Training Companies, Standards writing engineers, Electrical Engineering Colleges in their Power curriculum.

"... the core subject is the development of an engineering aptitude and rationale to design conceptual industrial and commercial power systems from a grounding perspective..."